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At Digital Systems, we offer wide variety computer support services for desktop, laptop, netbook PCs. Our categorized IT support services listed below:
PC software setup
Software installation service for your brand new or existing PC. Service include hard disk formatting, Operating Systems & applications installation and configuration, initial setting restoration, data and personal settings transfer, Internet connection, email account and printer setup, virus/ spyware/ adware protection, security updates, etc.
Service code: MITS-PSS
Diagnostics & repairs
Are you satisfy with your computer performance? Is your computer just not working the way you want it to? Does it take too long to start-up or shut down, or does it even start at all? We can fix your computer problem. Service include removing virus/ spyware/ adware, operating System problem fix, software & driver updates, system tune-up, etc.
Service code: MITS-DR
PC tune up & maintenance
Is your computer crashes, slow speeds or freezing constantly? We can improve overall health of your computer. Service include backup files, repair & optimize registry, disk cleanup & defragmentation, tweaking default system & environmental settings, remove unused programs, viruses/ spyware/ adware, erase temporary files, clean dust & dirt, etc.
Service code: MITS-PTUM
PC backup & storage
Work smartly and securely with your computer. Backup your PC or laptop and avoid all the worry of losing data or recovering corrupted files. Transfer your files safely and securely with us. Service include transferring data (pictures, videos, music, documents, etc.) from one PC to another PC, external drive, CD/DVD drive, USB device, external media, or online.
Service code: MITS-PBS
PC troubleshooting
Won't boot or start your PC at all? Do you receive a consistent error message? Windows freezes at login screen? No sound from audio CDs? Blue screen errors? Computer hangs or restarts? We troubleshoot and fix your PC problems.
Service code: MITS-PT
Building custom PC
Are you a computer gamer, media designer, web surfer or student? Do you need a high-end PC for less? Using the latest computer technology our professionals will build your custom PC according to your specific requirements.
Service code: MITS-BCP
Fix Windows & PC errors
Do you get the strange ActiveX or similar .dll errors? Does your computer pop up mysterious error messages or annoying ads? Getting certain application errors? PC constantly crashes or freezes? Fix your windows & PC errors from us.
Service code: MITS-FWPE
Printer troubleshooting
Documents don't print completely, or come out garbled? A printer connected to a computer or network does not print? Paper jams, faded print, ghosting, toner smears or does not stay on the paper? Get professional help from us.
Service code: MITS-PT
Document scanning
No more lost or misplaced documents. Scan everything. Digitize your documents and photos in various high resolution format. All our services include cropping, color restoration and orientation. Scanned files are deliverable in CD/DVD, USB or online storage.
Service code: MITS-DS
PC purchasing advise
Is your technology knowledge up-to-date? Don't have enough confidence purchasing your new PC? Want to upgrade your existing model and need some advise? Don't have enough time to study and research? Get our smart tech advice on IT-related purchasing matters.
Service code: MITS-PPA
PC upgrades
A computer upgrade might more affordable than buying a new PC. We can replace your existing motherboard, power supply, processor, hard drive, CD/ DVD device, memory, video/ network/ sound card, modem, printer, scanner, tablet, camera, etc.
Service code: MITS-PU
Installation & updates
Need help to install / re-install software such as Operating systems, productivity tool, anti-virus, multimedia, digital imaging, etc. We not only install the software in your PC, also ensure that the software is up to date and fully compatible with your computer system.
Service code: MITS-IU
Fix Operating Systems
Getting Operating System errors? If your system is halt because of missing or corrupted files, we can fix it. We also ensure your operating system is fully patched against any known security vulnerabilities. Your information remains intact.
Service code: MITS-FOS
Virus/spyware removal
We completely remove all kind of Virus, Spyware, Adware, Malware, Worms and Trojan infection from your PC and will install an anti-virus program to protect your system. We also ensure that the program run automatically.
Service code: MITS-VSAR
Speed up computer
Increase your computer performance efficiently. We will tweak your system to improve your computers speed and reliability by removing the items that may cause crashes, slow speeds, freezing, and impact overall health of your PC.
Service code: MITS-SUC
Windows help & support
If you have any issues with your Windows system, don't panic or feel overwhelmed. Get help from our experts for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 installation, configuration, upgrade, management, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.
Service code: MITS-WHS
Microsoft office support
Get Microsoft Office help. We provide cost-effective training and support for all versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Visio).
Service code: MITS-MOS
Computer tutoring
Looking for a computer tutor? Want to learn how to use a technological device? We provide one-on-one tutoring service for computer and technological devices.
Service code: MITS-CT

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Service delivery type regular, rush regular & rush
Free consultation 15 minutes 30 minutes
Turnaround time same day same day
Rush service yes yes
Free support after service 30 minutes 30 minutes
Service cancellation (approved) same day same day

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